About Us

Our team goes the extra mile to create perfect matches! We are all deeply committed to satisfying the high expectations of our customers.

Fee policy

Our fee policy is based entirely on performance. We calculate the fee according to the gross annual salary that will be paid to the executive you are seeking to recruit. This policy is transparent and fair for everyone. The complexity of the search assignment is the other factor that determines the fee.

When recruiting a candidate for temporary positions, freelancing or interim management, we discretely agree a fee with the customer and candidate that reflects the circumstances of the individual case.


Internationality, technical expertise and above all fairness towards the candidate and the customer are pivotal aspects of our corporate culture.
Besides global players, our customer base includes established small to medium-sized enterprises with a rich tradition and young companies experiencing rapid growth. We also look after start-ups.

Our focus is placed clearly on searching for – and finding – precisely the right technical experts and executives. We do not get bogged down in long-winded discussions. Our aim instead is to bring people together as quickly as possible to overcome the challenges of the professional world as a team.


Each of our partners can refer to a high-profile professional track record before joining our company. Although some have earned doctorates, additional qualifications or are particularly experienced in other cultures, our partners are everything other than stuffy academics. They have first hand experience of the challenges that companies need to face when recruiting staff at global level.

Know-how management

Alvito Personalservices is equipped to identify the most suitable candidate for a certain position in no time at all thanks to its profound expertise, its industry-specific know-how and its long-standing experience in the recruitment of executives.

Carla Marques-Alvito, M.A.

Ms. Marques-Alvito has been successfully in charge of Recruiting and Executive Search for over 16 years. She earned her spurs as a traditional researcher for smaller personnel consultancy firms, where she learned the tricks of the trade used by classic headhunters, for instance direct search. This demonstrably enabled her to recruit candidates to senior management positions in all sectors. In many cases she benefited from her multilingual skills. She rounded off her qualification profile by adding “team management” in her position as branch manager for personnel services companies. An award by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2010, an academic qualification as personal coach and two additional degree programmes have perfectly equipped Ms. Marques-Alvito to provide graduates with expert assistance when embarking on their future careers. Ms. Marques-Alvito is an extraordinary member of VDI (Association of German Engineers) www.vdi.de.

Regina Kilka

Regina Kilka schloss erfolgreich, nach Ihrem Abitur Oberspreewald-Lausitz, die Ausbildung zur Personaldienstleitungskauffrau bei einem renommierten Personaldienstleistungsunternehmen ab. Die derweil fast 10-jährige Berufserfahrung in der Arbeitnehmerüberlassung und der zusätzlichen Weiterbildung zur Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsfachkraft ermöglichen ihr die Bewertung von Gefahrenpotenzialen im Rahmen der Arbeitsnehmerüberlassung. Die erworbenen Kenntnisse im Recruiting und in der Personalsachbearbeitung befähigen Frau Regina Kilka zudem, eine qualifizierte Beurteilung von Qualifikationen in puncto Lebenslauf vorzunehmen. Das zusätzliche Psychologiestudium mit dem Schwerpunkt in der Arbeitspsychologie runden das Qualifikationsprofil von Frau Kilka ab. Seit Gründung 2018 ist Frau Kilka die Assistentin der Geschäftsführung und ist als Leiterin für das Office Management zuständig.

Pascal Rosenberg - komm//digital

Pascal Rosenberg, M.Sc.

Pascal Rosenberg has been active in the field of online communication for over 20 years. He worked for a number of agencies before beginning a degree programme in applied communication and media studies. While still an undergraduate, he established his own company, building a broad network with a steadily expanding customer base. He focuses on consulting, concept management and development within the field of online communication. In doing so, he has created a variety of portals, websites and newsletters. Mr. Rosenberg has specialised in search engine optimisation (SEO) in recent years. He possesses particular expertise in consulting services for the recruitment of candidates to IT and ecommerce positions.




Dipl.-Kfm. Frank Heidemann

Mr. Frank Heidemann initially completed an apprenticeship in export trade before enrolling in a course in economics, in which he earned the academic title of “Diplom-Kaufmann”. He was driven by two passions, even as a student – detailed analysis, the optimisation of company performance indicators and processes on the one hand, and his enthusiasm for communication and interacting with people on the other. So it is hardly surprising that his professional career took him to several personnel consultancy firms, for which he worked successfully in a variety of management positions. He then used the expertise he had acquired and his inherent versatility to work as a freelance/self-employed consultant from 2015 to 2017. Mr. Frank Heidemann is currently in charge of central IT procurements for an insurance group and provides Alvito Personalservices with business consultancy services on the side.

Dr. Oliver Adamczyk, MBA

After his training as officer of the reserve, Oliver Adamczyk completed an apprenticeship with university entrance qualifications at what is now BASF SE and then embarked on a degree course in law and business management. While completing his studies, he continued to work in the PR department at BASF SE in order to acquire corporate experience and to learn his trade from the bottom up. His specialties include fiscal and insurance law, process and workflow organisation, as well as media studies. Organisations like DEKRA recruited him as a lecturer for IT and marketing seminars from the mid-1990s onward. Dr. Adamczyk has focused on the field of culture and concert management for over 20 years. His expertise includes festivals and series’ of concerts by ensembles of global renown, as well as the organisation and funding of public projects in the areas of art and music. For almost ten years, Dr. Adamczyk has helped to organise numerous corporate events with his Freiburg-based cooperation partner SpielPlanVier. Dr. Adamczyk will focus mainly on the specialised areas of finance, banks and legal.